New Album "Smoke and Rain"

I am running a Funding Campaign to bring my next album to life!

"Smoke and Rain" will be a full-length album, recorded at The Rye Room with my friend and producer Matt Greco. He made my last album more gorgeous than I could have ever expected, and we're cooking up some amazing arrangements for this next batch of songs. They are so special to me.

It's a strange time to be fundraising.

It feels simultaneously crazy to ask for financial support, and also absolutely essential to make something beautiful. 

To not stop. To not be stopped. To contribute what I have in my heart, what I can share, what I can give. 

That's why I'm structuring this Funding Campaign a bit differently.

Rather than asking for donations, I am unveiling a series of EVENTS, SERVICES, and PRODUCTS that my friends and fans can purchase.

All funds will go directly to the album, making the recording process possible, while also directly giving my listeners something in return.

Thank you for listening, for being excited, for supporting, and for moving forward hand in hand to keep music alive. We will never stop needing it.

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What is your financial goal for this Funding Campaign?
The overall goal is $15,000. This may seem like a lot, but in my experiencing releasing previous albums it's crucial to not only budget for the recording itself, but also for a successful campaign to get the music out into the world. Here is a general breakdown:
$4,000 Recording and Mixing
$1,000 Mastering
$3,000 Studio Musicians
$5,000 PR Campaign 
$2,000 Album Printing and Merch

What will you be doing to fundraise?
On this page is a list of all of the Events, Services, and Products that will be a part of this campaign!

What if you don't make your goal?
In addition to this campaign, I will be gathering funds through my other work to infuse into the budget. If the campaign does not reach the goal of $15,000 I will stretch as far as possible to make it happen, and may need to delay the release.

What if you exceed your goal?
The $15,000 budget is actually a conservative estimate. If we exceed this amount, I will be able to put the additional funds towards touring, paying musicians for live performances, vinyl, additional PR and promotions, shipping, and a hundred other things that come up when you're releasing an album!

What will this album sound like?
I'm pumping up the "Diva" in my signature Diva Folk genre phrase. Over the last year and a half I've been writing song that have big choruses, big vocals, catchy hooks, and lots of room for some sick bass lines, organ solos, grooves that slap, etc. You will want to get ready to bump it in your car.

Why will it be called "Smoke and Rain"?
The title track is a song about shifting times, and knowing that your present fog will eventually be blown away. It's a theme that has returned often in my songwriting, and I feel that it's a comfort to remember this in a time when we feel such static and frustration.

When will the album come out?
The album is set to release in Spring or Summer 2021. The goal will be to have a promotional tour in the Summer, when live performance will hopefully be most possible.

How can I support?
Attend a concert, buy a T-shirt, #VelardeParty, tell your friends! As mentioned above, I'm rolling this out as less of a donation-based fundraiser and more of a purchase-based fundraiser. If you have the means to contribute any amount it will make a big difference, and if not, our time together still brings so much happiness to my heart!