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Diva Folk artist Tara Velarde combines commanding vocals and thought-provoking lyrics into a genre distinctly her own. Part soul, part singer-songwriter, part blues-rock, and with a splash of the theater, Velarde takes the stage with charm, sass, and a quest to find the far reaches of her vocal abilities.

Listeners liken her performance to Brandi Carlile, Adele, and Carole King - great female powerhouses with a lot to say. Kelsey Anne Rankin (Eugene Weekly) states that “Velarde maneuvers her voice from feathery to spine-tingling...She fuses a mixture of blunt and angelic vocals to express lyrics that sound like a soul put to melody”.

With an album release (“Get Out and Walk” in 2016) and 2 recent singles (“Willow Baby” in 2017, “Touch You” in 2018), Velarde stays active on the road and in the studio. She tours both solo and with her full band throughout the Western US, and in 2018 made her European debut with a 3 week tour of Italy. 

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