House Concerts

House Concerts are one of my all-time favorite ways to share music and community with people. They are intimate, special evenings where friends come together to enjoy each other and experience music in a focused "listening room" setting, without the noise and over-priced beers of the local bar. This gives everyone the chance to truly support an artist while also filling their hearts with good music and memories with friends. 

House Concerts can take many forms, and if you want to host one of these magical evenings we can create the form that is right for you! All that is needed is a comfortable space for the performer (at least 7x10', covered, and with an outlet), and room for 20+ guests. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless! House Concerts can take place in living rooms, backyards, patios, basements, boats, or other creative spaces, and can include food, drinks, games, or whatever else you would like to have in order to make it a fun night for all.

To set up your very own House Concert experience, please read my House Concert Guide, and then send me an email to get started!