While rooted in folk and pop, the album finds Tara tapping into a more soulful sound, which suits her well as she definitely has the vocal chops. It also displays a young artist with a soaring sense of confidence who isn’t afraid to step outside her musical comfort zone and take risks for the sake of the song.”

Glide Magazine

Beneath her gripping vocal delivery, a cavalcade of funk fires off; strong piano, wobbly guitar, thick bass, the occasional organ flare up.”


'Something Bad' is the title of the new soulful song, a piece of great emotional depth naturally linked to the best tradition of Soul Music from the '70s, but with that touch of elegance that we already recognized in previous recordings and following her live sets.”

Monk (Italy)

Velarde’s voice, dulcet and simultaneously filled with femme fatale savors, glows on smoldering surfaces.”


At the heart of her sound, and appeal, is soft folk-pop done beautifully. Of course, Velarde isn't just soft corners, and songs like 'Such an Island' bring out her grittier, tougher side.”

The Deli Magazine

Tara Velarde embodies that elusive combination of swagger and sensitivity. She writes songs with a sharp sense of poetics and vulnerability, and then steps up to the mic to deliver her words and vocal melodies with powerhouse pipes.”

Screams Media

Embracing her soulful side, the Oregonian singer-songwriter's new single is a passionate tale of unrequited love.”

Chris Young, Vortex Music Magazine